A Journal For The Summer

Summer is one of the best times of the year! When growing up, many of the best times happen in the summer when you spend your days outside and get home just before the sun sets. You have time to swim, chase the ice cream truck, run through sprinklers, have sleepover, go camping, toughen up your feet on barnacles, and really just be yourself! One of the most loved parts about summer is that you don’t have any homework to do. Your only duty in the summer is to spend time enjoying yourself (don’t forget to help with the dishes once in a while though!).

One way to hold onto your summer happiness is to keep a journal. What better way to remember all of the funny times and endless days you have during this happy season? Also, in your journal, spelling and neatness don’t count. It can be full of scribbles and doodles like in Diary of a Wimpy Kid…and maybe it could be just as funny! For some, summer is very busy. This can be overwhelming sometimes but a journal can help give you some time to yourself, and if you are having a tough day, a journal can help you feel better too.

Best of all, a summer journal can help capture all of the great moments from your holidays. It might be hard to start one and they aren’t for everybody, but if you do, it will be a nice present for yourself down the road…and you’ll be a better writer too!


Let yourself celebrate your special story this summer by writing it down. It deserves to be remembered!