Sentence Drills and Self-Correction/ French

Sentence Drills and Self-Correction

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Sentence drills can be challenging, especially checking the production. French language has so many homophones, verbs are complex, and plurals are tricky… With so many things to be careful about at the same time, it can be overwhelming. The student can quickly get confused and distracted and thus forget to correct things they nevertheless know.

One way to help the student work is to via a personalized auto-correction chart to follow to check their work. The main goal is to fragment the work so they can focus on one rule at a time to go over their production. Each time a new rule is learned, we can add it to their chart. First they can check all of the capitals and periods, Then they can go over their work and check all of the plurals, last they can focus on the verbs. It might seem to take longer, but by following a systematic plan, it will improve efficiency. With practice the students will go faster and be able to anticipate and after a while, the rules will just pop into their minds as they write. A color code is used to help visualize, and it can be less used as the student gains more confidence. Experience shows that students usually enjoy this method and benefit from it.




Writing Tips for Intermediate Elementary School Students


Writing Tips for Intermediate Elementary School Students:

  1. Make a brain map. This helps organize your thoughts before writing your composition.
  2. Start each paragraph with a sentence that is a more general statement, and work towards becoming more specific with each following statement.
  3. Use examples to support your statements.
    1. If two or more people jump on a trampoline together, injury is more likely to occur. Last year, I broke my ankle when my cousin double-bounced me on the trampoline in her back yard.
  4. Use transition words and phrases to make your composition flow better. Some common transition words are: similarly, additionally, however, in contrast, in particular, specifically, hence, consequently, therefore,
  5. Check your ‘C.O.P.S.’.
    1. C stands for capitalize. Check to see if all of your sentences begin with a capital letter and that you have capitalized places and the names of people.
    2. O stands for organize. Is your work neat? Are your letters formed properly? Are there spaces between all of your words? Have you put an indent at the beginning ofo your paragraphs?
    3. P stands for punctuate. Ensure that you have used proper punctuation where needed. (‘.’, ‘?’,  ‘!’, etc.)
    4. S stands for spell. There are many spelling rules to abide by in the English language, but there are always irregularities!



Remembrance Day


In Gratitude of Silence

Silent now the soldiers sleep, their tales long laid to rest.
I knew them not yet still I weep and place a poppy o’er my breast.

They were husbands, brothers, fathers, sons; so valiantly they fought.
On shores stained red,on hands and knees; it was our freedom that they sought.

Courageously they stood their ground but freedom carries a cost.
Thousands of men were wounded and countless lives were lost.

So in gratitude of silence and all those who have served,
sleep now, you have earned it. Your peace is well deserved.

By: Debbie Holick

Today we remember the soldiers that fought in the wars that gave us our freedom. It is an honour as a country to have a day that we can dedicate to those that we have lost. We honour and send our love to those that fought and the families that lost so many from such horrible wars. We continue to remember them for their valiant and brave steps forward into battle for the love of their country.

Thank you for your courage, to those that may rest in peace and to those that are still with us. Today we have peace because of them and may wear poppies to honour this time in our history with gratitude.

What do you want to do today to remember those that have served? A moment in silence? Writing a poem?

We have chosen to paint poppies on our windows to celebrate our Remembrance. May they inspire you on this important day.