Valentine’s Day Origins

Valentine’s Day Origins

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Millions of people around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th, but few know the origins of its significance. Valentine’s Day, in our part of the world, is largely celebrated as a romantic holiday shared with a significant other or a partner, as a time to commemorate love for each other, although there are many exceptions to this generality. Many know of Valentine Day’s relations to Pagan, Roman, and Christian traditions, but the origins of the holiday itself has a rather muddled story, even among 3rd century historians.

As there are many hypothesises as to where Valentine’s Day originated from, the most well-known among the general public is centred around Saint Valentine, who saw injustice in a law that prohibited soldiers from marrying their partners. Valentine thought that this law was unjust and spoke out against it, resulting in the projection of his actions as a romantic gesture of passion.

This is merely one of the stories that is known and rarely told, but many others are not verbalized—I suggest you to examine and question the origins of other holidays that you celebrate, and to think analytically about why it is that you celebrate them—perhaps as an additional homework assignment to stretch your investigative brain muscles!


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