Spring Forward

Having grown up in Ontario, which at the moment is knee deep in snow and icy cold, I struggle with my seasons here in BC. While it is technically still winter, the world around me is shouting “SPRING!!!” and I believe what I see and hear. The thing is, I’ve felt this way pretty much all winter… Perhaps it is my experience as a teacher that causes me to reflect on the complexity of understanding winter in Vancouver. Back in Ontario, winter as depicted with snow and ice made perfect sense! But how do I explain the winter magnolias and daffodils here in BC and reconcile them with the typical frosty symbols? I hope with all my might that my Vancouver students take occasional trips to Cypress Mountain or Whistler and don’t feel confused the way I do.unnamed Fortunately, spring is around the corner and my seasonal confusion will gradually abate. St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect holiday to usher in spring themes by inviting a rainbow of colours to brighten our craft time. While those crafty leprechauns think their treasure lies at the end of the rainbow, a teacher finds a double bounty. The pot of gold is perfect for counting, and the rainbow itself is a sequencing classic.


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